The “Great British Bake Off” Show Party

I can’t even begin to tell you how much fun this party was! Several months back the birthday girl and I were talking about our love for The Great British Bake Off show. I mentioned how much fun it would be to have a GBBO themed party. A few weeks later her mom sent me a message asking if I would help coordinate. I was all in and super excited and let me tell you, this party did not disappoint. The best part about it is the birthday girl and her mom wanted to do different parts of the party (decor, fun foods and prizes). They did a great job! All I did was fill in some holes and made sure everyone stayed on task during the party. I loved that we worked together to make her party what she wanted it to be! ❤️

Here are are our fun ideas from the day.

I ordered aprons from Amazon. This was a fun activity while we waited for everyone to arrive. We used colorful sharpies but fabric pens can be used along with fabric pieces, buttons and ribbons.

Once they finished we moved into the kitchen to where we had a spot pre-set for each girl. I made some cake batter before they arrived and each girl could pick fillings (fruits, chocolates, toffee just to name a few) and also colors.

While the cupcakes were in the oven the girls snacked on yummy “British” snacks that were bought from Aldi.

After a rousing rendition of the happy birthday song, the cupcakes were ready and cooled. Each girl frosted two cupcakes and picked the best for judging.

We recruited two judges (we made sure they were fun and interactive judges) to critique just like Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith . I will say there were no “soggy bottoms” among the cupcakes and all were judged as excellent.

This party was one to remember and I am thankful I was asked to help!

Remember there is no party too big or too small! Contact Summersault today to get started. ?

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  1. Thank you so much for making the day great! My favorite parts (as a control freak) were that you helped as little or much as I wanted and that you kept things rolling so that I could have fun and NOT have to be in control!

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